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The Ultimate Marketing System is THE small business marketing roadmap.


The Ultimate Marketing System is a complete small business marketing system consisting of 14 workbooks and 4 audio CDs – the product of over 20 years of working with some of America’s most successful small businesses and independent professionals. See entire list of titles included below.


Now you can have one of America’s most respected small business marketing experts — one who has helped thousands of small owners grow their businesses with a proven step-by-step system — actually guide you along the marketing path for a fraction of the cost of what others have paid to get this same expert advice and coaching.


The Duct Tape Marketing Ultimate Marketing System is a collection of 14 lessons and 4 audio CDs that make up the most complete small business marketing self study program ever created.


Each lesson contains a thorough explanation of one critical small business marketing topic, real-life small business examples and worksheets, forms and tools needed to help you implement the lesson


The Ultimate Marketing System Includes 4 modules:
14 Lessons in all


 Module 1 – Differentiate and Dominate


Lesson #1 – Discover Your Ideal Target Market
Finding and focusing on a market that values what you have to offer is an essential marketing step. Defining this ideal client and finding more just like them is the purpose of this lesson.


Lesson #2 – Creating a Unique Core Message
Most prospects view one business like another. All accounting firms do the same thing, all electricians do the same thing. When this perception exists you are left to compete on price. One of the most important marketing strategies the small business must master is the art of differentiation. Finding an important point of difference, one that matters to your ideal clients is the major focus of this lesson.


Lesson #3 – Give Them an Image – It’s All About The Package
One of the elements that contributes greatly to the success of your firm is the experience that your clients and prospects have with your firm. A great deal of this experience can be found in the image that your firm projects in its marketing. This image and how you present your products and services can be the key to delivering your core unique difference and making your firm the obvious choice in your industry.


Module 2 – Magnificent Marketing Materials


Lesson #1 – A Marketing Kit That Speaks To Each Prospect
Forget the tri-fold brochure and step up to a marketing tool that will educate your clients and really show them how you have what they need. The inexpensive and flexible marketing kit allows you to personalize your communications and speak to each prospect individually. – includes example pages from real-life small businesses.


Lesson #2 – Tell Them A Story and Win Them Forever
Stories help you sell your products and services more effectively by helping you connect with your clients and prospects on a much greater emotional level. Today’s prospect is looking to do business with firms that they can connect with. This lesson teaches how to use this powerful marketing tool and extends the value of your marketing kit.


Lesson #3 – Case Studies and Testimonials
Demonstrating the results your work has obtained for actual clients is a great way to prove that you and your products and services can, in fact, perform. This lesson will show you ways to consistently obtain the information you need to create compelling case studies and client testimonials.


Module 3 – Lead Generation Machine


Lesson #1: Advertising: Creating a plan for guaranteed results
Most small business waste what little money they put into advertising. It’s not that advertising doesn’t work, it’s that they don’t understand the right way to put it to work. In this lesson you will discovers ways to get your advertising to produce stunning amounts of high quality, qualified leads.


Lesson #2: Referral Marketing: Generating a flood of new business without spending a dime
I have generated most of my business by way of referral – all without spending one dime on advertising. For some industries, referrals are the only way to gain access to your ideal target market. Not many people go to the phone book to find a doctor, lawyer or accountant! Learn how to generate referral in a systematic way and discover some great promotions used by real-world referral generating small businesses.


Lesson #3: Public Relations: The most believable form of marketing that exists
Some of my most effective sales have been produced after a publication had good things to say about me or my products. There is something very powerful about a third-party endorsement from a magazine or newspaper. In this lesson we will learn how to tap into this little understood lead generation strategy.


Module 4 – Harness the Internet


Lesson #1: Creating a content based web presence – content, concept and offline integration
A web site and should be so much more than a static brochure. This lesson will help you understand how to create content that educates and helps you stand out. Extend your web site to become a tool to generate leads and serve your customers.


Lesson #2: Building traffic and repeat visitors – optimization, list building and local search
Web sites have become an essential marketing tool no matter the size or purpose of your business. Local shoppers are using the Internet to find local businesses in every city in America. Miss this session and you may get left behind.


Lesson #3: Extending the conversation blogs, podcasts, RSS and online PR
Blogs have moved beyond a trendy new tech topic to a must have small business marketing and communication tool. Blogs help your search engine traffic, help demonstrate your content knowledge and build trust within your market.


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