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Social Media

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Social Media

TypePad, Facebook, twitter, Feedburner,, Google alerts. Every day, you seem to hear about some new, crazy-named gizmo to get your business noticed on the Web. But what really works? Where do you start? Does your business really need all that stuff? The answer to that last question is yes, you do need it. Social media is not simply today’s trendy marketing play; it’s here to stay and has impacted every aspect of marketing and growing a business.


Course Preview: The Hierarchy of Social Media.

Most small business owners should look at the following progression or hierarchy as they move deeper into social marketing tactics. So, jump in, but do it in this order and don’t move on until you have the basics of each stage down and working for you.

Blogging – the foundation of the pyramid – read blogs (Google Reader or Bloglines), comment on blogs and then blog. This is the doorway to all other social marketing – WordPress, TypePad, Blogger

RSS – aggregate and filter content around subjects and use RSS technology as a tool to help you repurpose, republish and create content – Some tools – Feedburner, Google News and mysyndicaat

Social Search – this is often ignored in this discussion but I think it’s become very important for small business owners. Directories that publish reviews from customers – good and bad. You can participate and should stimulate and manage your reputation here. Insider Pages, Google Maps, Yahoo Local,, Judy’s Book, Yelp

Social Bookmarking – tagging content to and participating in social bookmarking communities can be a great way to open up more channels to your business as well as generate extra search traffic, but it takes work –, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Mixx, Small Business Brief

Social Networking – branching out to take advantage of the numbers of potential prospects that you might find in sites like Facebook,Biznik, LinkedIn, or MySpace will frustrate at least as a business tool if you don’t have many of the above needs met. These networks take time to understand and thrive on ideas and content. You’ve got to have much to share if you wish to build a business case. The good news is that industry and idea specific sites for everything from book lovers to green living are springing up every day. Here’s an enormous list of social networking sites from Mashable

Micro – I’ve lumped some of the more experimental social tools into the edge trend of micro, social, real-time communication that will likely only confuse most small business owners. The confusion is not because they can’t figure out how to make them work, it’s just not obvious why they would spend the time. I think Maslow suggested the self-actualization was a place that most might never reach and in social marketing terms Twitter, Thwirl, Plurk and FriendFeed might be some sort of sick transcendence.

Step by Step Guidance Creating Your Social Media System

Session One – Creating a Social Media Strategy - Design your social media listening station.
Video: Session 1 Lession
Video: Basics of Twitter Search
Video: Google News and Alerts
And more…
Session Two – Optimizing Brand Assets - Best ways to create and optimized profiles and other social media real estate.
Video: Session 2 Lesson
Video: The Google Personal Profile
Video: Creating Local Search Profiles
Video: Basic Facebook Set-Up
And more…
Session Three – Blogging for Business - Why small businesses should consider a blog the central hub of their social media strategy.
Video: Session 3 Lesson
Video: WP Settings
Video: Installing WordPress
Video: Blog Posts
And more…
Session Four – Social Networking and Networks - Best practices for creating engagement on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Video: Session 4 Lesson, part 1
Video: Session 4 Lesson, part 1
Video: Twitter Search
Video: Twellow
And more…
Session Five – Managing the Beast - Create your social media system in an attempt to bring it all together so you can balance input with ROI.
Video: Session 5 Lesson
Audio: Getting Things Done
Video: Twitter Feed
My Social Media System
And more…
Session Six – Show and Tell. Since we’re all social media pros now, we’ll share with each other what we’ve learned!

Social Media System Overview from John Jantsch on Vimeo.

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