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Referral Flood

January 3, 2010 by admin  
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ebookandcds-smallReferral Flood is a comprehensive 118 page how-to guide to referral marketing, a 60-minute referral marketing audio CD seminar, 54 real-world referral marketing system examples, a 70 minute audio CD explaining the inner workings of each real-world referral marketing example, and referral marketing toolbox of letters, postcards, business cards, and other referral marketing tools all rolled into one easily accessed product.

Here’s some of what you’ll find in Referral Flood

  • The amazing shortcut for identifying your best referral sources
  • How to get referrals without even asking for them
  • The one no cost referral system that you must implement immediately
  • How to guarantee that every new client generates referrals for you
  • Simple fill in the blank forms that allow you to create all the referral marketing
    tools you will need
  • A simple referral system that may quickly become the cornerstone of your entire marketing effort
  • The single greatest referral marketing mistake most businesses make and how to avoid it
  • How to get your referral sources excited about providing referral
  • A very simple tactic to double the amount of referrals you receive overnight
  • How to find other, more established, businesses to partner with for an immediate influx of referrals
  • 54 proven examples of successful referral marketing systems that you can copy and use immediately
  • Why referral marketing is the most profitable, quickest, and most fun way to market your business
  • Countless referral marketing postcard examples
  • How to create your very own referral marketing system and plan over the course of a weekend
  • A comprehensive guide to positioning your business to crush your competition
  • Why your business depends on mastering a few of the simple techniques
    contained in this program
  • How to get an army of other people and other businesses marketing for you
  • 7 proven killer referral marketing letter examples you can cut and paste

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